A Selection of Journals Relating to The Study of Quality


Tags: quality management quality engineering quality statistics statistical engineering

In correspondence with my relatively recent hiring at Kite Pharma, I have sought to learn more about the academic sub-field/sub-domain of Quality Engineering by identifying and scanning through journals associated with the parent domain of Quality. Below is a list of active Quality journals that I have encountered. Obviously, I might have missed some. I filtered out a handful journals that were dead or seemed less reputable.

  1. Quality Engineering (ASQ and Taylor & Francis) (ASQ-endorsed)
  2. Journal of Quality Technology (ASQ and Taylor & Francis) (ASQ-endorsed)
  3. Quality Management Journal (ASQ and Taylor & Francis) (ASQ-endorsed)
  4. Technometrics (ASQ, ASA, and Taylor & Francis) (ASQ-endorsed)
  5. Quality and Reliability Engineering International (Wiley)
  6. Stochastics and Quality Control (De Gruyter)
  7. Quality Technology & Quantitative Management (International Chinese Association of Quantitative Management and Taylor & Francis)
  8. International Journal of Reliability, Quality, and Safety (World Scientific)
  9. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma (Emerald)
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