About Hua Xie


I am part of the Chinese diaspora and am classified as a Metal Horse by the Chinese Zodiac. After immigrating to the United States, my parents toiled diligently to raise me, and they demonstrated the qualities of persistence, selflessness, and vigor in a manner that I will be hard-pressed to match. However, I will try for the sake of my family, friends, and community. The well-being of my family, friends, and colleagues is my top priority; do let me know if I can do better by reaching out to me.

Hurtling Through Time

I was born in (arguably) the Midwest, but spent my formative adolescence in California. I then spent some time in Evanston, Illinois and Bethesda, Maryland before returning to my childhood state. I am presently a PhD student in the Mathematical Biology program at UCI working in the Allison Lab. I came into this program to develop the computational and statistical skillset for gaining high-level insight into complicated problems that afflict complex systems. Following my graduation, I intend to apply my experience toward tackling specific problems and questions in varying domains ranging from climate change mitigation to digital entertainment.



I’m working on getting some science papers out now, but I used to do some film stuff. Some of my attempts at visual work remain for posterity.

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