About Hua Xie


I am part of the Chinese diaspora and am classified as a Metal Horse by the Chinese Zodiac. My parents immigrated from China to the U.S a couple years prior to having me. My parents toiled diligently to raise me, and they demonstrated the qualities of persistence, selflessness, and vigor in a manner that I will be hard-pressed to match. However, I will try for the sake of my family, friends, and community. The well-being of my family and friends is my top priority; do let me know if I can do better by reaching out to me.

Hurtling Through Time

I was born in (arguably) the Midwest, but spent my formative adolescence in California. I then spent some time in Evanston, Illinois and Bethesda, Maryland before returning to my childhood state. I am presently a PhD student in the Mathematical Biology program at UCI working in the Allison Lab. I came into this program to develop the computational and statistical skillset for gaining high-level insight into complicated problems that afflict complex systems. Following my graduation, I am intent on applying my knowledge to tackling specific problems and questions in varying, people-affecting domains ranging from climate change mitigation to taxation and digital entertainment.



I’m working on getting some science papers out now, but I used to do some film stuff. Some of my attempts at visual work remain for posterity.

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